The Orange Park Acres community is the foundation for our organization.  Our members actively strive to make Orange Park Acres a wonderful environment to live in. Here are just a few ways in which OPAWL members have contributed to the community:

  • In 2012, OPAWL was instrumental in plans for the beautification of the entrance to Orange Park Acres, and the entrance to Orange Park Blvd. was enhanced with impressive monuments and gardens. Amid the mini-park, a lovely bronze sculpture of two young children riding a pony offers a glimpse of Orange Park Acres life style. The OPAWL has a commitment to maintain this park.
  • During the Christmas Season, the OPAWL displays wreaths along Orange Park Blvd, enhancing the community spirit in our area.
  • OPAWL members have aided in the development and maintenance of the trails through the years, a commitment that continues this year.
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