Philanthropy is a core value of the Orange Park Acres Women’s League.  Over the years, many OPAWL members have generously contributed their time and energy to organizational functions and varied fundraising projects such as garage sales, themed parties, silent auctions, barn, home and garden tours, etc. These activities have made it possible for OPAWL to help the local community, support special groups and enrich the lives of others. In recent years, the organization has been engaged in numerous philanthropic endeavors providing support to organizations such as:

  • 4H
  • The Orange County Zoo
  • The Friendly Center
  • Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Mary’s Kitchen
  • Beverly’s House
  • The US Military
  • “Secret Santa” Program
  • The El Modena High School Nature Center
  • Santiago Canyon College

A scholarship program for women was initiated by OPAWL in 2012, and we have been very successful in helping wonderful candidates achieve their educational goals.


Meet Jennifer Lowe, the 2016 scholarship winner.  

Scholar_001On May 19th, we got to meet our 2016 OPAWL Scholarship Recipient, Jennifer Lowe. This young lady, is a mother of twins and a full-time student. Her resume stood out to the committee as they were very impressed with her qualifications, grades and work ethic. She is a graduate of El Molona High which was a fun fact to learn upon meeting her. The reception was held at the Santiago Community College Library and attended by Kathy Manulkin, Jan Diaz and Emilia Sugiyama.
OPAWL is one of 187 scholarships that are given out that night at SCC, however, OPAWL Scholarship is the largest single sum provided in the amount of $2,000. Wow! A huge round of applause to us ladies that can help facilitate a young girls dream of making her career come true. This is why we work so hard. It’s ALL worth it!!



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