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At the heart of Orange Park Acres Women’s League (OPAWL) is the central theme of Friendship. There are many opportunities for our members to build lasting friendships.  Everyone is welcome! OPAWL’s sections provide small group  settings for members with common interests.  Sections are formed for the  following activities, however we are always open to adding new sections  if there are enough interested members:  

  • Beginning Bridge to Advanced Bridge
  • Monthly Bunco Nights
  • Travel & Explorations
  • Eating at local eateries with the Foodie Group
  • Garden & Home 
  • Horseback Riding
  • Kids and Family
  • Reading
  • Walking

We also have many member socials and events throughout the year to bring members and their families together.  Friendship and the shared environment of social experiences in a rural equestrian community contribute to the richness of the organization and life in Orange Park  Acres.



Philanthropy is a core value of the Orange Park Acres Women’s League. Over  the years, many OPAWL members have generously contributed their time  and energy to organizational functions and varied fundraising projects  such as garage sales, themed parties, silent auctions, barn, home and  garden tours, etc. These activities have made it possible for OPAWL to  help the local community, support special groups and enrich the lives of  others. In recent years, the organization has been engaged in numerous  philanthropic endeavors providing support to organizations such as:  

  • 4H
  • The Orange County Zoo
  • The Friendly Center
  • Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Mary’s Kitchen
  • Beverly’s House
  • The US Military
  • “Secret Santa” Program
  • The El Modena High School Nature Center
  • Santiago Canyon College
  • Charity on Wheels

A scholarship program for women was initiated by OPAWL in 2012, and  we have been very successful in helping wonderful candidates achieve  their educational goals. Also over the past 30+ years, OPAWL has generously contributed more than $200,000 to the community for trail support and beautification throughout OPA.



The Orange Park Acres community is the foundation for our organization.  Our  members actively strive to make Orange Park Acres a wonderful  environment in which to live. Here are just a few ways in which OPAWL members  have contributed to the community:  

  • In 2012, OPAWL was instrumental in plans for the beautification of the entrance to Orange Park Acres, and the entrance to Orange Park Blvd. was enhanced with impressive monuments and gardens. Amid the mini-park, a lovely bronze sculpture of two young children riding a pony offers a glimpse of Orange Park Acres life style. The OPAWL has a commitment to maintain this park.
  • During the Christmas Season, OPAWL displays wreaths along Orange Park Blvd, enhancing the community spirit in our area.
  • OPAWL members have aided in the development and maintenance of the  trails through the years, a commitment that continues this year.

Mission Statement

In 1974, several women in Orange Park Acres created the OPA Garden Club reflecting their interest in gardening. As Orange Park Acres grew, many of the newer women employed gardeners and interest in the OPA Garden Club waned. In 1983, the women of Orange Park Acres renewed interest in the organization, giving it a broader purpose beyond gardening. Since that time the organization has actively supported the Orange Park Acres community. In 1984, the organization formalized itself, applying for tax exemption and incorporating. Since then the bylaws have been rewritten and a clear mission has been developed; Friendship, Philanthropy and Community.  

The Women's League's primary mission is to support Orange Park Acres in building a community that is a better place for generations to come. It's secondary purpose is to foster friendships and build fellowship among the women in our diverse community.






  • Beginning Bridge Schedule: Meets the 3rd Thursday of each month.
  • Advanced Bridge Schedule: Meets the 3rd Monday of each month.
  • Meeting Time: Meeting times may vary.  Be sure to check the calendar or newsletter for the times.
  • Meeting Location: Meeting locations change from month to month.  Be sure to check the calendar or newsletter for the current month. 
  • Bridge Contact: Annette Mason (714)538-4683

Learning how to play bridge is fun and a  great chance to meet new people.  Or, if you are an experienced bridge  player, our advanced group is a wonderful opportunity  to challenge each  other in the trick-taking card game of skill and chance.





  • Meeting Schedule: Bunco is played on the 3rd Friday of each month at 7:00 PM. 
  • Meeting Location: The bunco hostess changes from month to month.  Be sure to check the calendar or newsletter for the current month’s location. 
  • Bunco Contact:  Linda Mazarra (714) 633-9079 or gmazzara@aol.com.   

Become a “Bunco Babe”!  The 29 women currently signed up to play Bunco whenever they can make it are delighted with making new acquaintances.  Sign up at the Membership Get -together and join us for a fun evening once a month on the 3rd Friday of the month.  We are dark/do not play in November & December so in  January 2020.

Bunco is a simply game, no experience necessary.  We have appetizers and dessert, coffee, water etc. It is $10.00 to play and there is a chance to win back a few dollars.  The hostess changes monthly and we are normally finished by 9:30pm.  The leftover monies goes to Beverly House and Bethany House as our donation. Everyone is invited to join our Section.  We are looking forward to seeing some new faces.





  • Meeting Schedule: The Hot Trotters have several monthly activities.  Be sure to check the calendar or newsletter for current month activities.  You can also download the events under "download tab".
  • Meeting Location: Be sure to check the calendar or newsletter for the different locations for the current month activities.   
  • Hot Trotters Contact: Sarah Nzala (714) 478-0155

Want to have fun with your horse in a group of like-minded women? Then come join our equestrian section! We trail ride, horse camp, attend races and rodeos, host speakers on horse related topics, deal in  poker and moonlight rides, play in Gymkhanas, share knowledge, exchange recipes in pot lucks, and support one another in the journey with our  four legged dream makers.  All levels of riders are welcome (owning a horse not a requirement).





  • Meeting Schedule: An outing is planned each month.  Be sure to check the calendar or newsletter for the current month outing.
  • Meeting Location: Be sure to check the calendar or newsletter for the current month’s location.
  • Gad-A-Bouts Contact:  We are looking for a new leader. If you are interested, please contact Jenny Long, President.

Gad-A-Bouts plan a fun and interesting outing each month.  These day trips take us to sites all over Southern California.  Past destinations  has included Catalina Island, Temecula, Pasadena and many more. Check the calendar for upcoming events and RSVP via Evites.







  • Meeting Schedule: 4th Thursday of each month at 10:00 AM.
  • Meeting Location: The meeting place changes from month to month. Be sure to check the calendar or newsletter for the current month’s location.   
  • Home & Garden Contact:  Rose Ellen Cunningham (714) 532-1326... The original section of OPA Women’s League!  

There is a different  theme each month centered around the home or garden.  You name it, and this group does it!  They’ve covered everything from raising chickens, to growing tasty vegetables, to crafting decorations for the holidays. If you like to roll up your sleeves and get to work, this is the group for you!

Upcoming Event:

check the calendar below





  • Meeting Schedule: Literature meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM.   
  • Meeting Location: 11141 Meads Ave., OPA
  • Literature Contact: Kathy Manulkin  (714) 639-8686 or  kathy_gary@msn.com  

If you enjoy reading, this is the group for you!  We pick a book  (usually fiction) and read it during the month, then gather together to discuss it.  Even if the book was not your favorite, there is always  stimulating and enjoyable discussion. 

Looking for something to read? Here is a list of past books:

  • Eleanor Oliphant
  • Little Women
  • The Dutch House
  • The Kommandant's Girl
  • The Secrets We Kept
  • Little Fires Everywhere
  • A Dangerous Place
  • Poland
  • The Matriarch
  • Educated

Sections Cont..





Schedule: Meets every 2nd MONDAY of the month.

Each month a different local or nearby restaurant is chosen for a luncheon. It is an enjoyable way to meet new members and keep up with current members. Each attendee/participant of the group will have an opportunity to nominate their favorite restaurant during the course of the year. Some of the past eateries have been to Benihana's, Anepalco Modern Cuisine, BJ's Brewery, Belecan Grill Malaysian Bistro, Zovs...and so many more to come. This group is all about laughs, good food and great conversation....Basically, we will just be eating our way through Orange County.

Please keep an eye out for the Evite to RSVP and check the calendar for updated scheduled events. If you are interested in joining this section, please send us an email at opawomen.org@gmail.com.





Kids Club is currently on Hiatus

We are happy to announce that our kids club will be up and running again very soon with the emphasis of getting our neighborhood children to meet and know each other. This is not a daycare opportunity for parents to drop off their kids but an opportunity for parents to also meet and get to know other parents also known as their neighbors. Some of the fun activities that are being planned are:

  • Ice-Cream Socials 
  • Water Park
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • Cooking Classes
  • Police/Fireman Talks about Safety
  • 4th of July Float
  • Christmas Village
  • Learn CPR

Stay tuned for the announcements and if you have children or grandchildren and would like to participate, please contact us at opawomen.org@gmail.com

Calendar of Events

No upcoming events.

Birthdays & Sunshine



  • 2nd - Lynn Canton
  • 2nd - Peri Tooker
  • 3rd - Debra Welch
  • 7th - Linda Mazzara
  • 8th - Rose Rock
  • 9th - Ann Webb
  • 9th - Laurie Triggs
  • 10th - Kathy Manulkin
  • 16th - Tracy Savage
  • 20th - Lynda Stewart

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