2018 OPAWL Scholarship Recipient

Olivia Leland

Our recipient is Olivia Leland. She is 21 years old and a graduate of Orange County High School of the Arts. Her major is in Chemistry, who was highly recommended for our scholarship by two Chemistry Professors. A stellar student, highest grade in the class, a Student Instructor for both Botany and Chemistry. She was last year's student ambassador for the Biotech Program. She has completed undergrad research in Cocco Lab at UCI, and will be attending UCLA for bioscience. She loves Art & Literature. She is "giving back" by opting out of birthdays gifts in lieu of raising funds for a charity called First Book. Santiago Canyon College helped her overcome self doubts, grow as a student and individual and helped her develop a master study plan by giving her the outstanding tools to succeed. She was the recipient of three scholarship awards: OPAWL, Irvine A Wilde Memorial and Physical Sciences. Olivia was very thankful for winning this year's scholarship.

written by: Rose Rock, OPAWL Scholarship Committee

Out of 33 applications only 20 met our qualifications for 2018

Out of 20 qualified applications, Olivia was our finalist


Scholarship Criteria


  • GPA 3.8 or higher
  • next fall must be a continuing SCC student or transferring to a 4 yr college or university
  • must be enrolled the past fall at SCC carrying a minimum of 9 units and completed 30 units by end of Spring
  • must be outstanding in all academics
  • must submit 2 letters of recommendation from Teaching Faculty Professors at SCC
  • submit a 500 maximum word essay including goals and "What have you learned and accomplished or hope to learn or accomplish at SCC that will make a DIFFERENCE in yourself, in others and for society after you leave this college?"
  • this essay should not repeat the personal essay which may include personal characteristics, education and career goals, campus/community involvement and leadership experiences.

The importance of this scholarship is not based on financial need alone. Educational excellence and community service achievements give these women a great confidence in their abilities and provide an academic distinction as they pursue their future educational endeavors.

OPAWL Scholarship Committee is Rose Rock, Kathy Manulkin, Kay Alvarez, Jan Diaz

2018 Awards Ceremony: Kathy Manulkin, Rose Rock, Olivia Leland, Emilia Sugiyama

2018 Awards Ceremony: Kathy Manulkin, Rose Rock, Olivia Leland, Emilia Sugiyama

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